Lose Yourself

Lose Yourself
Marten Beels '03

Fall so you can climb
Break so you can heal
Lose so you can find
Take the big leap,
One step at a time.
You must die before you live.

Time is a dimension that flows one way
Stone is hard and water is soft,
But rock submits, day by day
The minor fall and the major lift
Seeking resolution to a dissonance
Every day you have is a gift.
See black and white in full color
You must ask youself,
Do you love her?

Screaming my unspoken sentiments
Silence slams into my ears
Between dream and reality is a gap
That can't be bridged by my tears.
It is a cut that runs so deep
It divides light from dark
Life from death
Wake from sleep

Immerse yourself in the lake
The dichotomy of enigma and answer
Is the truth that you can't take.
Fear nothing but an empty reflection
Submit to the unkown
Discard ideals of perfection
Forget your wealth
Live in awe
Lose yourself.