SOA Protest

November 16-17, 2002

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My proposed post card and high resolution final edit
Here is a TIFF.

Right at the gates where the searches were being conducted, this girl tried to start burning this flag. It didn't burn very well and later she was detained.

Here is another shot of her.

This is Tim Nafziger getting searched on his way to the protest.

No one got in without being wanded.

On Saturday, only a few people dared cross the line.

We ate a lot of bagels that weekend. A lot of bagels.

Standing at the line on Saturday.

The scene on Saturday.

The big yellow thing that said, Liberate Our Imagination, A Better World is Possible!

And a big red thing.

Recognize and Resist.

Stilts were used a lot to stand out from the crowd. I gotta get me some.

I used a slow shutter speed to emphasize the banner waving.

More frenzied flag waving.

This machine would rise up in the air where they kept a vigilant eye on us trouble makers down below.

Ben is on the left, he was arrested last year and then went to Columbia with CPT, or Christian Peacemakers Team.

Yup, Ben is still on the left.

A young girl gets above the crowd on a tall pair of shoulders.



Reading the Pledge on Sunday before crossing the line.

I tried to show the sheer number of crosses in the air

Lots of crosses

More crosses

Even more still.

A member of our group puts his improvised cross on the fence.

Luke does the same.

The Welcome to Fort Benning sign was completely covered with people, crosses, signs.

There was another elevating platform on the other side of the fence where soldiers could keep an eye on us.

This camera guy irritated Josiah.

Just a cross.

This crazy contraption worked really well, I was quite impressed.

I think that this guy looked exactly like Pete Sprunger.

The pro-Fort Benning rally was just outside of the security check points that we had to go through. Some people stole the B from the God Bless Fort Benning sign.

Here some Fort Benning Supporters wave a flag and give me the peace sign.

My attempt at an artsy shot.

Someobody looking through the fence to the other side.

Looking through the fence to the other side.

I spent a while hanging out with Jake Metcalf and others on the far side of the Fort Benning Sign.

Me, taken by Jake Metcalf.

The Fort Benning Sign from a wacky angle.

Jake Metcalf places an origami crane on the fence.

The soldier seems to be pointing right at me.

Schrock, photographer.

Both sides stared back at each other through the fence that seperated them.

The place was covered with crosses and signs.