Rover Station KC8HZM

The Über Rover

Or the adventures of the Über Operators.
Come along on a journey of transverters, quagis, Spicy V8, QRZ?, Kilo-Charlie-Eight-Hotel-Zulu-Mike ROVER, QSL, and tempermental chinese waitresses.

Check out Jeff's page here. He has done a nice job documenting our adventures.

Check our our adventures here!:

September 2003

January 2004

We don't pretend to be competitive, but both of us have a competitive side and we enjoy contesting against ourselves, always trying to improve our station and score.It all started with some doodles in my notebook during a less then exciting class. I was interested in getting into weak signal VHF and contesting. Rovering looked very interesting and challenging, so I began to plan how I could get the best possible antenna setup on my little ol' Festiva. I dropped Jeff (KC8HZQ) a line and asked him if he would be interested in roving with me, and so he joined the team and we became the Über Rover. With our powers combined, we began drilling holes in my roof, bolting steel, cutting aluminum, drilling wood, and soldering copper. Because neither of us have extra cash, we assembled the best station we could with some borrowed equipment and building almost all of our antennas.