American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Design Build Fly competition

Now fast forward a week, we put in a bunch of time during final exam week and manage to get the plane rebuilt in time. However, we don't have time for another test flight. Here we are in Wichita with the plane as it gets a safety inspection from some officials.

I don't think that this plane ever actually got off of the ground.

I believe this was one of the Italian teams, this is the before shot...

The only incident that we had was our nose wheel fell off after one of our flights, no problem....

How many WMU aero students does it take to cut a piece of aluminum?

This is the after picture.

This plane flew really well, and I believe that it was the only plane with wheel brakes.

Oklahoma had two teams at the competition, they took first and second.

I really liked the way that this plane looked, but it had trouble getting off of the ground.

After Saturday, we were beating the University of Florida by 12 hundreths of a point. During one of their flights on Sunday, their entire payload fell completely out of their plane. They managed to fix it in time to get the very last flight of the competition. They managed to carry the full four litres of water successfully.

My camera develepod a light leak and an underexposure problem during this trip, so a lot of the photos had problems.

This was a very interesting design by one of the Italian teams. You'd have to see it... Unfortunately, it didn't fly very well.

Yes, our plane really was that much larger then all the other planes out there.

....   ..   -..   -..   .   -.   .--.   .-   --.   .   -.-.   .-..   ..   -.-.   -.-   ---   -.   -   ....   .   ...   ....   ---   -.-.   -.-   .   .-.
Team Pegasus is: (l-r back row) Duct Tape Dave, Mike, Anne, Murski, Brandon, VanDis, Tall John, Megan, Cole, Geoff, Tony, (l-r front row) Everett, Chillin', Andy, Captain Steve, Tom, B, Nate, and myself.

Saturday night my Aunt and Uncle invited the whole team over for dinner. They spent the afternoon cooking for 27 people and had a great meal ready for us when we arrived. The food was great and we had blast. I'm sure that Amber (the dog) loved all the attention. It was a great evening.

The trip was an absolute blast, being a part of this club was definitely the highlight of this past year.

We ended up placing 10th place over all. That is really pretty good, especially when you consider that this is Western's second year competeting and our budget is much more limited then many other schools. We set out to improve upon last years performance, shoot for the top ten, and have way more fun then any team out there. We definitely did that.

Go flight.

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